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I have a controller, that doesn't render a view (the file is present). It just simply shows a blank page.

Also it happens only on staging server - two other dev environments work fine.

Here's the code:

function category($catId = null)
    if (!isset($catId) || empty($catId)) {

        $this->data['category'] = 'all';
        $this->data['categories'] = $this->ShopCat->find('all',array('order'=>array('ShopCat.title ASC')));

        $this->paginate = array(
            'limit' => 9,
            'order' => array('ShopProd.featured DESC','ShopProd.title ASC')
        $this->data['products'] = $this->paginate('ShopProd');
    } else {
        $catId = (int) $catId;
        $this->ShopCat->id = $catId;
        if (!$this->ShopCat->exists($catId)) $this->cakeError('error404');

        $this->data['category'] = $this->ShopCat->find('first', array('' => $catId));
        $this->data['categories'] = $this->ShopCat->find('all',array('order'=>array('ShopCat.title ASC')));

        $this->paginate = array(
            'conditions' => array('ShopProd.shop_cat_id' => $catId),
            'limit' => 9
        $this->data['products'] = $this->paginate('ShopProd');

Why isn't this working? Cause I have no ideas ...

UPDATE : the whole controller code runs ok, it just simply doesn't render anything. In other controller methods - all fine, works perfectly.

UPDATE : issue resolved, thanks to everyone :) it was an error in a view file.

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Have you checked the error log or console for errors? Maybe add specific error_log calls in the controller to see if you're even getting there. – SomeSillyName Apr 1 '13 at 19:10
Ther's no fatals, mostly this: Strict Standards: Redefining already defined constructor for class Object – t1gor Apr 1 '13 at 19:15
Compare the version of PHP on staging to that on dev. You may have a version that your CakePHP version doesn't support. – SomeSillyName Apr 1 '13 at 19:21
Also, this may help...… – SomeSillyName Apr 1 '13 at 19:23
I don't want to hide an error, I want to fix it. – t1gor Apr 1 '13 at 19:25

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Your $catId will always exist. You have declared in the function.

Maybe is more useful updated your first if to

if (empty($catId)) {...}

Do you have imported the another model in your controller? Like: $uses = array('ShopCat', 'ShopProd');

or use App::import('Model', 'ShopCat') before $this->find

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Yes, it's done in the __construct() – t1gor Apr 3 '13 at 12:18
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Figured it out - there was an error in a view file.

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