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I am trying to make a stereo window in QT--I seem to be lost in the interaction of QT and OpenGL.

I have set the stereo context in my GL initialization code

QGLFormat fmt


and when I check the value, it comes back true.

I then draw into the GL_BACK_LEFT and GL_BACK_RIGHT buffers (I have also tried just GL_LEFT and GL_RIGHT) but the resultant scene contains both sets of polygons.

I know that my hardware (NVIDIA Quadro FX 3500) supports stereo in a window, since other applications (for which I do not have source code) work fine.

does this symptom seem familiar to anybody, enough so that it might be obvious what stupid mistake I am making?

Windows XP, QT 4.4.2, MS Studio 2005

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it never fails. Ask a question, and figure out the answer within minutes of asking for help. Oh well, hopefully somebody else might benefit

I was doing this


but not this


now it seems to work more like I want to to

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