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So the below code is what I am using to have text slide in from left and the right at the same time. Unfortunately, I'm unable to pause the first animation after it's complete. I need a delay after the first set of animations.

I've tried the delay, setTimeout and setInterval functions but nothing seems to work (thanks @evan for the ideas). Does anyone know how I could accomplish this?

Here is a example of what the code below does: jsfiddle example

$(function() {

    var num = 0;
    var wordTrue = true;
    var words = [
        {left: "SLAM", right: "FACE"},
        {left: "BOOST", right: "JAMZ"}

    var fadel = $('#fadel');
    var fader = $('#fader');


    function animate() {
        var leftword = words[num].left;
        var rightword = words[num].right;

        var first = leftword.slice(0, leftword.indexOf(" "));

        first = "<span class=\"g h\">" + first + "</span>";

        var lastWords = leftword.substring(leftword.indexOf(" ") + 1);

        var finalString = first + lastWords;

        .css('top', '18px')
        .css('left', '0')
        .css('opacity', 0)

        .css('top', '68px')
        .css('left', '400px')
        .css('opacity', 0)

        opacity: 1,
        left: '150px'
        }, 2700, function() {
            fadel.fadeOut("fast", function() {

        opacity: 1,
        left: '250px'
    }, 2700, function() {  

    function queueNext() {
        if (++num == words.length)
        num = 0;

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Please provide a jsfiddle example. – Dom Apr 2 '13 at 16:45
Fiddle provided. – jfrosty Apr 2 '13 at 19:09
So you want a delay each time animate() is called? – Dom Apr 2 '13 at 20:44

Use setTimeout in your queueNext function.

function queueNext()
    if (++num == words.length)
        num = 0;
    setTimeout(animate, 3000); //delay duration (in milliseconds)


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