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I have a list of languages, and with a combobox I can see the codes :

    options(for (lang <- langs) yield (lang.langCode)),
            '_default -> "--- Choose a Language ---",
            '_label -> "Language"

And now i want use a datalist HTML to autocomplete a text area with the codes. I have tried with this but it doesn't get the @lang.langCode value:

@inputText(searchForm("langCode"), '_label -> "Language") 
   <datalist id=langCode>
   @langs.map { lang =>

Thank you.

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Well, sorry, i'm new here. It's with play framework in scala. –  Mankx Apr 1 '13 at 19:55

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Your code is mostly correct, except:

  1. Add list attribute to @inputText arguments:

    @inputText(searchForm("langCode"), '_label -> "Language", 'list -> "langCodeDatalist")

  2. Make sure id used for datalist is different from the one used for the input box:

    < datalist id="langCodeDatalist">

Once I made these changes, it worked. Check the source code to make sure @lang.langCode is getting pasted correctly.

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Ok it works perfect! thank you! –  Mankx Apr 3 '13 at 17:58

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