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If I were to have interfaces like so:

public interface IAlbum
	string Title { get; set; }

public interface ITrack
	string Title { get; set; }
	float Duration { get; set; }

What would be the best way to add a list of tracks to the IAlbum interface? What if I wanted the individual tracks to be properties and not have an exposed array of tracks?

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The list of tracks could be either:

IList<ITrack> Tracks {get;}


IEnumerable<ITrack> Tracks {get;}

If you want the concrete type to expose a more concrete API, you could implement the above via explicit implementation.

You could in theory make:

interface IAlbum : IEnumerable<ITrack> {...}

but I don't think that is a good idea.

Re exposing tracks as properties; if I understand correctly, you could do this "kind of" at runtime by implementing ICustomTypeDescriptor on the concrete album type. But it is non-trivial and a bit messy - and it won't help hugely unless you are using data-binding.

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Use an indexer. Specifically:

    ITrack this[int trackIndex]
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You could also provide an indexer that works with a track title. This is [sort of] between properties for the tracks and having a collection.

ITrack this[string trackName]
    get { return getTraxckUsingName(trackName); }
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