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I realize it's a bit non-standard but I'm looking for a way such that I can use Backbone's fetch method to remove properties on the model that are not included on the json response from the server. Basically an auto-unset for excluded properties.

Now, I could just wipe everything and re-set on the model, but I'd like to do this in a way that doesn't trigger change events on the remaining properties.

I'd also like to not have to loop over the response object and call unset. Is there an obvious feature of Backbone for this that I'm missing?

I constructed a Fiddle for this scenario. Try and get all tests to pass while only modifying the model.fetch() line.


var mockResponse = '{ "id": 1 }';
this.server.respondWith("GET", "/test", [ 
    { "Content-Type": "application/json" },

var model = new MyModel({ foo: 'remove me', keep: true });
model.on('change:keep', function () {
    ok(false, 'Failure!  Do not trigger change on this if at all possible.');

// Act
model.fetch(); // Need a flag here?

// Assert
equal(model.get('foo'), undefined, 'I want this removed via fetch');
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I've just looked and it seems there is no "reset" flag for Model#fetch. Though, you could unset with the silent flag. Backbone's behaviour since 0.9.10 should please you I guess:

"Passing {silent:true} on change will no longer delay individual "change:attr" events, instead they are silenced entirely."

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