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Hello i'm working on project that convert image to text [OCR] but my doctor asked for manual algorithm so i can't use opencv or something like that but any suggestion will be great too for OCR in C ! and now i'm trying to read a jpeg using C language and convert that image to 2D Array like this one :

int A[10][10] ={

but the 10x10 will depend on the height and the width of the image i tried alot of libraries GDAL, Jpeglib ..etc but nothing worked i finished my code on the above matrix but now it must load an image from desktop for example or any directory and convert it to matrix like the above one :).

I'm really appreciate any help u can do :)

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A. What are you trying to load into the array?

Is your image grayscale with only one component? Or is it three component color? A color image needs a 3D array.

B. The complexity of JPEG is such that, unless you want to spend months writing a decoder, you are going to have to get a library working somehow. You might want to seek help getting an existing decoder to work with your application.

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