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I am trying to create a program which tells me if a number's square has different digits.

I have an "Index Error" in the really long "if" line. How do I fix it?

a= 4486659

f= (a**2)

s= str(f)

for num in range (1089):
    if s[6]==s[7] or s[6]==s[8] or s[6]==s[9] or s[6]==s[10] or s[6]==s[11] or s[6]==s[12] or s[6]==s[13] or s[6]==s[14] or s[6]==s[15] or s[7]==s[8] or s[7]==s[9] or s[7]==s[10] or s[7]==s[11] or s[7]==s[12] or s[7]==s[13] or s[7]==s[14] or s[7]==s[15] or s[8]==s[9] or s[8]==s[10] or s[8]==s[11] or s[8]==s[12] or s[8]==s[13] or s[8]==s[14] or s[9]==s[10] or s[9]==s[11] or s[9]==s[12] or s[9]==s[13] or s[9]==s[14] or s[9]==s[15] or s[10]==s[11] or s[10]==s[12] or s[10]==s[13] or s[10]==s[14] or s[10]==s[15] or s[11]==s[12] or s[11]==s[13] or s[11]==s[14] or s[11]==s[15] or s[12]==s[13] or s[12]==s[14] or s[12]==s[15] or s[13]==s[14] or s[13]==s[15] or s[14]==s[15]:
        a= a+1
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Please help.... I am desperate for an answer!!! –  user2233557 Apr 1 '13 at 22:16
Please help me. –  user2233557 Apr 1 '13 at 22:18
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The index error is because your string s is only 14 chars long, but you try to access s[14] and s[15]

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