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In recent versions of Grails install-plugin command has been deprecated. What is now the recommended way of installing a plugin that is not available via some repository. Assume the plugin is only available locally as zip file, e.g. after running grails package-plugin?

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I think the easiest approach is to place the zip file in the project's lib folder and then add an entry in the BuildConfig.groovy. For example:

1. 'grails-image-tools-1.0.5.zip' placed in lib.
2. runtime ":grails-image-tools:1.0.5" added to BuildConfig.groovy

Since the dependency manager looks inside the project's lib folder as well, I don't have to worry about setting any paths etc.

EDIT: The latest Grails version that I worked on was 2.1.1. I'm unable to check but according to @Saurabh's comment below this isn't applicable for Grails 2.4.3

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Thanks @uchamp. It worked for me, that's easiest approach. –  Umair Saleem Apr 2 '13 at 6:23
It does not work anymore with Grails 2.4.3 –  Saurabh Sep 29 at 18:12
I haven't worked in Grails for a while now. I'll mention the latest version that I tried this with. Thanks @Saurabh –  uchamp Sep 29 at 18:31

I don't know if it is the correct way but we get it working:

  1. Download and unzip the plugin in a directory within your project
  2. Change your BuildConfig.groovy file to point to the new plugin

Example: Download webflow.zip plugin and unzip it into a plugins directory within your project. Add this line at end of your BuildConfig file

grails.plugin.location."webflow" = "plugins/webflow"
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Not working for grails 2.4.0 –  Pankaj Shinde Oct 15 at 12:35

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