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I have my render function:

renderTracksList = function(tracks){
    var source   = $("#timeline-template").html();
    var template = Handlebars.compile(source);
    var data     = {
                    tracks: tracks, 
                    client_id: App.config.client_id

    var html     = template(data);


And in my template I'm trying to use print client_id inside the loop, but in the loop context it's undefined, so how to access and print the variable?

{{#each tracks}}
<div class="track">
    {{title}} - 
    <a href="'{{permalink_url}}')">PLAY</a>
    {{#if downloadable}}
    - <a href="{{download_url}}?client_id={{client_id}}" target="_blank">DOWNLOAD</a>

Btw, I've already tried this:

<a href="{{download_url}}?client_id={{../client_id}}" target="_blank">DOWNLOAD</a>
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Try to repeat ../ for both the {{#if}} and the {{#each}}:

<a href="{{download_url}}?client_id={{../../client_id}}" target="_blank">DOWNLOAD</a>

Even though {{#if}} keeps the value of the previous context, it still creates another entry in the stack that ../ steps back through.

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Thanks, this helped me quickly sort my problem out. – DuffJ Nov 22 '14 at 13:21

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