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I would like to understand why this happens, and how can i solve this small issue. I would like to be able to get the week number from a java calendar instance after providing the day, the month and the year. if i do:

  Calendar cal=Calendar.getInstance();
       cal.set(Calendar.DAY_OF_MONTH, 11);
       cal.set(Calendar.YEAR, 2013);

11 Feb 2013 is week 7, but if i invoke, in the above calendar instance:

int weekNumber=cal.get(Calendar.week_of_year)

I get the week number 11. Any idea why? I tried setting the locale but no difference, the problem is that i can only build a calendar out of these three fields, since i'm reading them from a xml file with a parser and they are in format dd-mm-yyyy with no more information that that

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For some background and deeper undertanding as to why and alternatives also read this post: stackoverflow.com/questions/344380/… –  MickJ Apr 1 '13 at 20:50

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Months fields in Calendar are zero based. The value 2 corresponds to Calendar.MARCH. To avoid confusion, better to use the Calendar constants. You could use:

cal.set(Calendar.MONTH, Calendar.FEBRUARY);
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You have used March, because Java months in Calendar are 0-based: 0 = January, 1 = February, 2 = March.




cal.set(Calendar.MONTH, Calendar.FEBRUARY);

if you can use a constant. Else, subtract 1 from the month you received from your parser.

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