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In my sql i have two tables: Events History

That have the same columns exactly,and have a column that called date that have DateTime value.

And i want that every day in the night something like 03:00 run a method that move all the expaired expired rows from Events to History.

I understand that there is two ways to do it:

1)build c# service that run every day.

2)add event to MySql that run every day.

What is the better way to do it? and there is any good tutorial for this?

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Can you not create an SSIS Package or use a Windows Scheduler to do this task..? –  MethodMan Apr 1 '13 at 21:27

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Since you mention .net I assume you run under windows.

  • You might also consider scheduling a task using the windows task scheduler. It's in all versions of windows. If you're using v7 just type 'schedule' into the search area by the start button.
  • You can easily write a powershell script, or use the mysql command line tool, to execute a sql statement of your choice. Use the scheduler to start it when desired.
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