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I am trying to use AFNetworking's AFPropertyListRequestOperation, however when I make an attempt to download it, I get an error

Expected content type {( "application/x-plist" )}, got application/xml"

I did some research that application/xml is apparently the type that is created when it comes to iOS. How do I create a application/x-plist formatted PLIST? I tried doing plutil, but it didn't seem to work.


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You can add the content type application/xml to the AFPropertyListRequestOperation using the method addAcceptableContentTypes:

[AFPropertyListRequestOperation addAcceptableContentTypes:[NSSet setWithObject:@"application/xml"];
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ahh! jeez that's a much better solution. I have been trying to convert the file type for a while! This works great! –  Alan Apr 1 '13 at 21:30
Thanks for that, you've saved me a good few hours. In my case the command required was for type @"text/plain". For reference, I was able to determine the Content-type of the response data (plist on a web server), using Charles (charlesproxy.com). –  bndouglas Apr 10 '13 at 15:01

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