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I need to generate the full Oracle CONTEXT index creation script for the index that already exists.

I'm pretty sure, that I've once found how to do it in Oracle documentation, but now, I can't. I need something like DBMS_METADATA.get_ddl, but more detailed. What I mean is when I create an index like


Oracle does many things by default, like configuring datastore,stoplist and so on. I'd like to see all CTX_DDL procedures that are called implicitly.

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Use ctx_report.describe_index or ctx_report.create_index_script:

set long 500000
select ctx_report.describe_index('MYINDEX') from dual;


select ctx_report.create_index_script('MYINDEX') from dual;

Originally answered on OracleAskTom. Also another one OracleFaqs.

More info on creating index reports

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