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I'm using Youtube's API to determine whether a video has been age-restricted. I've read that looking at the value of the media:rating tag will do just that.

However, when testing it out with Battlefield 3: End Game Launch Trailer, a video which is preceded by a Content Warning, I see that there is no "media:rating" tag in the metadata.

Is simply checking media:rating insufficient when determining the video's age restriction? Is there another tag to check? Or am I missing something else entirely?

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That's the only exposed attribute in v2 of the API that holds information about restrictions. I've periodically seen videos like this, where they are age-restricted but the media:rating tag is missing (I'm guessing it's likely that the public front-end uses a different, unexposed attribute for determining how it restricts the videos). You might want to report the video so the developers can look into why it doesn't have that metadata.

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