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I am using 2 select menus where one have value and the other one is empty and when a user select items from the left and click a bitton the selected items are moved to the right menu. a similler example is on this page

the only problem is when i do a $_POST['lstBox2 '] I only get the selected value. But in here I want to $_POST all option weather they are selected or not.

I have done this jquery code that does that but if a used clicked on one option by mistake then php will try to post only one

$("#lstBox2 option").each(function() {
    $(this).attr('selected', 'selected');

can someone tell me if there a way in php to always $_POST all they value?


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Just move the JavaScript code in your question to the submit callback of your form.

$("form:has(#lstBox2)").on('submit', function () {
    $("#lstBox2 option").prop('selected', true);
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That did it :) Thank you so much :) – Jaylen Apr 1 '13 at 23:47

You can send the information of selected options in JSON format, and in server-side, you can easily use PHP json_decode() to parse the information.

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