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I have a table which contains the items the users of my game owns. If a user buys a new item, it should be inserted, but if he already got it, it should be increased instead.

I understand I can use INSERT ... ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE, but I don't understand how in my problem.

The item_id isn't unique, because many players can own the same weapon (ie. a longsword). The user_id isn't unique either, because a player can own many items.

So, my question is how to make the query UPDATE instead of INSERT if a row containing both the user_id and item_id already exists?

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That's not what the "ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE" will do for you. If it were me, I would attempt the insert. If it failed, check why (you're checking for errors already, right?). If it's because of a duplicate key, do your update. If the error is for some other reason, then handle that appropriately.

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The duplicate is detected based on the primary key constraint, or any other unique constraint/index on the table. The thing is, it sounds like you have a "quantity" column. If you insert a row, you want the quantity to be 1. If you're updating because the player already has 1, then you want the quantity to be incremented... ON DUP KEY UPDATE will only make the existing row match what you wanted to insert. You'll have to do as I suggest, or look for the presense of the row first. I prefer my way. – Rob F Oct 15 '09 at 22:00
BTW, my reasoning: Checking first always takes two queries. Trying, and checking the result, only takes two queries if it's a dup. – Rob F Oct 15 '09 at 22:02
Sorry, I removed my comment after your edited. Okay, I just wondered if it was possible to do this with only using one query. – Phoexo Oct 15 '09 at 22:03

I know this question is old but none of the answers are correct.

You need a PRIMARY or UNIQUE index on user_id and item_id (both columns in one index).

Then you can use "INSERT INTO ... VALUES ... ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE count=count+1" no problem.

This is EXACTLY what ON DUPLICATE UPDATE will do for you.

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Old, and I came in 2015 for the answer - thanks, used with UNIQUE, worked. – Setrino Aug 13 '15 at 7:38

You do want ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE. It looks for the Primary Key of the table, and if it exists, updates all the other rows.

So your table has a primary key of (userid, itemid) and the following values:

userid   itemid   strength
4        5        6

And you want to bump it to strength=9, use this:


It will insert a row with 4,5,9 if it doesn't exist, and will update strength to 9 on the row with primary key (4,5) if it does exist. It won't update any other rows (e.g. rows with userid4 but itemid 10 or itemid 5 but userid 70) because they don't match the whole PK.

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technically it's the primary key or any unique key – ʞɔıu Oct 15 '09 at 21:57

You could do something like the following (assumes your user id is in the variable UserID and item ID is in item_ID) :

    @rowCount := COUNT(*)
     user_id = UserID
     AND item_id = ItemID;

   IF (@rowCount > 0) THEN

   ... do update

    ... do insert

   END IF;
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Can you do something like

where ITEM_ID = @itemid AND USER_ID = @userid

    INSERT INTO TABLE (col...)
    VALUES (vals...
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