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I have been using terminals to code for a while on Fedora. On the native terminal of Mac, i found something very disturbing:

I can't select text with the combination of SHIFT + arrows or others keyboard combinations. It is really painfull to use the mouse to select something and even that when i have selected some text with the mouse i can't use backspace in order to delete selected text.

is there anyway or any application on mac in order to get that keyboard shortcut ?

See you soon !

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According to this Macword article, and it's referenced MacOSXHints.com tip… it is possible to enter Start Keyboard Selection mode, via a keystroke…

Option + Command + Enter

This was written back when 10.4 was new and for ME.. on 10.8.3 DOES NOT work. Hopefully this info may lead you to a solution that DOES WORK. You can watch a movie of THEM doing it here.

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