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Possible Duplicate:
ruby 1.9 ri problem


When I try to use Ruby's ri tool in a command prompt window to acquire information about classes, methods, etc. it seems to always fail. For example if I type

ri Array

I get a message saying

Updating class cache with 0 classes... Nothing known about Array

What should I do to configure Ruby's ri tool to work?


NOTE: I am using Vista 64 with Ruby 1.9.1p243 (2009-07-16 revision 24175) [i386-mingw32] installed. (thanks MikeJ)

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What platform are you on? – mikej Oct 16 '09 at 7:25
I am using Vista 64 with Ruby 1.9.1p243 (2009-07-16 revision 24175) [i386-mingw32] installed. – caeious Oct 16 '09 at 14:00

Although this question is old, nobody has yet provided a proper solution. I just ran into the same issue, and found the solution:

If you are using RVM:

rvm docs generate-ri # <- Just the ri docs, much faster
rvm docs generate    # <- Everything (rdoc + ri)

More info on managing RVM docs here:

If not using RVM:

gem install rdoc-data

# Regenerate system docs
rdoc-data --install

# Regenerate all gem docs
gem rdoc --all --overwrite

# Regenerate specific gem doc with specific version
gem rdoc gemname -v 1.2.3 --overwrite
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Ruby Documentation now says use rvm docs generate-ri for this – Nikesh Ashar Mar 4 '15 at 12:29

If you are on rvm, http://kedarm.posterous.com/regenerating-ruby-ri-documentation may be more relevant.

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posterous is no more available (I should have known). That blogpost suggested using rvm docs generate; rvm docs generate-ri – Kedar Mhaswade Jul 24 '14 at 23:56