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I for some reason, not sure why, originally released an app with Deployment target as 6.0 but really what I wanted was for everyone to be able to use the app so I really needed to choose 5.1 or 5.0

I am thinking to change the deployment target to 5.0 but I am not sure what the consequences are for changing back. It is a business app that uses storyboards.

Advice is much appreciated Thanks, Alex

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Also see the iOS 6 release notes. –  Rob Apr 2 '13 at 2:56

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No simple answer can be given. You just have to test like crazy. Personally, I think if you've written the app for iOS 6, trying to make it backwards compatible to iOS 5 is a lost cause. But try it if you must... Here are some of the chief points:

  • The handling of view controller rotation/orientation is totally different. iOS 6 uses the Info.plist settings along with supportedInterfaceOrientations. iOS 5, uh, doesn't. It uses totally different rules for determining rotation.

  • As you've been told, if iOS 5 even loads a storyboard or nib that has autolayout turned on, kaboom.

  • Text drawing is quite different between the two systems; the very same text can end up being drawn differently. And of course the NSAttributedString stuff is new in iOS 6.

  • UILabel sizeToFit behaves differently between the two.

  • iOS 6 requires a bunch of permissions to access various user libraries; iOS 5 doesn't.

  • There is a difference in how a gesture recognizer interacts with a subview of its view.

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why do you think making the app backwards compatible is a lost cause? And thank you for your answer :) –  Genadinik Apr 2 '13 at 3:24

One big problem i've faced when switching back my app to iOS 5 was the "Use auto Layout" setting which is only supported on iOS 6, you'll have to re-check your whole storyboard views and uncheck it under "File Inspector". Of course disabling it would mean that you need to re-manage all your view Controllers manually writing some lines of code. Other than that, nothing really special to mention .

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yes, when I asked my question I had in mind the autolayout. What exactly do I have to change in my controllers to make sure there is no errors? And how does autolayout effect the actual layout? Thank you! –  Genadinik Apr 2 '13 at 0:54

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