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I need to make a program which asks the user to enter the city followed by the temperature there. The city and temperature are separated by a space. The program stops asking for input and reports the coldest city, when the user enters 'stop'. You can always assume that the user enters a city followed by a single space and then the temperature.

Sample Output:

Enter city followed by temperature > Edmonton -2
Enter city followed by temperature > Toronto 3
Enter city followed by temperature > Vancouver -1
Enter city followed by temperature > Ottawa -3
Enter city followed by temperature > stop
{'Toronto': 3, 'Edmonton': -2, 'Vancouver': -1, 'Ottawa': -3}
The coldest city is Ottawa -3

The problem I am having is how to get the entered item into the dictionary form. I don't understand how it would work with the space being there in the entered item. I have three other programs that follow this format with the input including spaces and I really cant figure out/find how to work it out. Any help would be appreciated.

PS: I am in a beginner's computing science course.. yeahh..

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You want to use string.split():

d = {}
for i in range(5):
    user = input('Enter city followed by temperature') 
    # use raw_input(prompt) if using Python 2.x
    data = user.split()
    d[data[0]] = int(data[1])

Alternatively, you could append each pair as a tuple to a list, then use the dict() function:

dataPoints = []
for i in range(5):
    user = input('Enter city followed by temperature')
    data = user.split()
    dataPoints.append((data[0], int(data[1])))
d = dict(dataPoints)
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Oh! Geez thank you ~~ i was able to finish my program using d = {} for i in range(5): user = input("Enter city followed by temperature > ") if(user!='stop'): data = user.split() d[data[0]]=int(data[1]) else: break print(d) alist=[] for k,v in d.items(): alist.append((v,k)) alist.sort() t=alist[0] print("The coldest city is:",t[1],t[0]) –  Sofia June Apr 2 '13 at 1:16

You need to split the input into the key and the value part using the split() method.

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An example ipython session:

In [1]: a = raw_input('City temp: ')
City temp: Edmonton -2

In [2]: a
Out[2]: 'Edmonton -2'

In [3]: d = {}

In [4]: a = a.split()

In [5]: d[a[0]] = a[1]

In [6]: d
Out[6]: {'Edmonton': '-2'}

There are obviously more pythonic ways of doing this. You can work them out by reading the documentation

Good luck!

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