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I could do:

render :text => Mustache.render(view_template_in_a_string, object_hash)

in my controller, but it seems more conventional to put view_template_in_a_string in it's own viewname.mustache.html file under views/controllername/action.mustache.html like I would with action.html.erb

currently I use

gem 'mustache'

for my mustache needs

How can I use mustache views like I would with erb

I understand that mustache is logic-less, I don't need logic in my views

my current hack:

# controllers/thing_controller.rb
def some_action
    hash = {:name => 'a name!!'}
    vw = File.read('./app/views/'+params[:controller]+'/'+params[:action]+'.html.mustache') || ""
    render :text => Mustache.render(vw, hash), :layout => true
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Just use this gem:


That way you can easily configure your rails application to serve the correct view templates, so that you no longer need your hack.

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