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I am having a bit of trouble with ember.js.

I have the following code which properly calls the event in the router to create the notebook. However, it will not pass the notebook context, it it undefined. I have been searching for hours to try and find a solution for this.

I found this and this, which are helpful but I'm not completely sure I'm on the right track. Am I missing something?


App.NotebooksNewRoute = Ember.Route.extend
    model: ->
        create: (notebook) ->
            #persist notebook


{{#with content}}
    <form {{action create content on="submit" }} >
            {{view Ember.TextField placeholder="Enter a title" valueBinding="title" }}

            {{view Ember.TextArea placeholder="Notes" valueBinding="description" }}

        <button type="submit">Create</button>
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Am I missing something?

Change {{action create content on="submit" }} to {{action create this on="submit" }}


When you use the handlebars helper {{#with}}, the enclosed block will be rendered in the context of the specified variable. So after {{#with content}}, this is whatever content was and you can access properties like title and description directly instead of content.title and content.description

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That works perfectly, and it makes sense now, thank you! –  JeremyC Apr 2 '13 at 3:16

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