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I have read that while plug-ins are not supported for SQL Server Management Studio, it can be done.

Does anyone have any resources or advice on how to go about it using C#?

A company that is currently offering plug-ins to Management Studio is Red Gate: http://www.red-gate.com/products/SQL_Refactor/index.htm

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Here's a list of a lot of free tools for sql server. at the top you have the section that holds stuff about add-ins from SSMS.

You might also want to check out SSMS Tools Pack which is an add-in I made. It's free but not open sourced.

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Thanks for the info. This definitely put me on the right track. – James Oct 3 '08 at 12:19
Question clearly asks: "Does anyone have any resources or advice on how to go about it using C#?". You don't answer the question at all. – nathanchere Sep 4 '12 at 20:28
Agreed - I was looking for the answer to the same question, but didn't find it here. – Niels Brinch Oct 2 '12 at 8:13
The SSMS Tools Pack is no longer free. – Nathan R Jul 8 '14 at 15:16

Here is a very good guide to creating a plugin for SQL Server Management Studio: http://blogs.microsoft.co.il/blogs/shair/archive/2008/07/28/how-to-create-sql-server-management-studio-addin.aspx

Basically, it consists of the following:

  1. Create a Visual Studio add-in with certain settings.
  2. Subscribe to SSMS specific events
  3. Code

The article includes a nice sample that you can use to skip some of the manual steps.

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