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Sorry for all the questions, but this function is giving my a lot of problems. I've almost got it complete, but I have one last bug. The point of this function is to pop 3 students, once a day. One that day is complete, it will move onto the next day and pop the next 3 (With the possibility of moving onto the next Queue list). My num2 represents the day and every time it finishes 3 students, it should increment the day by 1.

When I run the program, I get some weird results. The day will increment fine if I stay on the same Queue list, but when I jump, it gets stuck on the first increment. Example:

I have two Queues lists

1st Queue list: Rachel, Ed, Amy, Matt 2nd Queue list: John, Daniel, Nick


Day1: Rachel, Ed, Amy


Matt, is the last student... John, Daniel,

Day 2:

Nick, is the last student..

Any ideas on why this is happening?

Main function

    int s = 0;
    int d = 1;
    cout<<"How many Student do you currently have appointments with? "<<endl;
    cout<<"What day would you like to start seeing students?"<<endl;
    cout<<"Day "<<d<<endl;

    s = priority1->enqueue(s,d);
    s = priority2->enqueue(s,d);
    s = priority3->enqueue(s,d);
    s = priority4->enqueue(s,d);

Queue function call

int enqueue(int x, int& m)

LinkList Pop_front function

int pop_front(int x, int& m)
        int num = x;
        int num2 = m;
        string value;
        while(front != NULL)
                if(num == 3)
                    num = 0;
                    cout<<endl<<endl<<"Day "<<num2<<endl;
                    Node *temp = front;
                    {   value = front->name;
                        front = front->next;
                        front->prev = NULL;
                        delete temp;
                        cout<<value<<", "<<endl;
                    if(front->next == NULL)
                        front = NULL;
                        back = NULL;
                        delete temp;
                        cout<<value<<", is the last student in this priority Queue list"<<endl;
                        return num;
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Why not just use std::list? –  Raymond Chen Apr 2 '13 at 2:11
Building my own for a project –  user2130537 Apr 2 '13 at 2:13
That doesn't explain why your project cannot use std::list. That class has already been debugged by the class library authors. –  Raymond Chen Apr 2 '13 at 2:14

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You are passing m which represents the days by reference:

int pop_front(int x, int& m)

but then you are using num2 in the body of the function:

cout<<endl<<endl<<"Day "<<num2<<endl;

and so you are not passing an updated m on each call to enqueue. The reference only applies to m, when you assign m to num2 you are creating a new variable and they are not linked and so changes to num2 will not be reflected for m.

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