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I am new to wordpress plugin development, I have created a new small plugin (contact form) for test purpose only. Here is the link for plugin

I have started this plugin with version 0.8 and I am uploading 0.9.2 also, I have uploaded version 0.9.2 and I am able to download with the download link given on the wordpress repository, but I want to change the text for download link. now the text should be Download version 0.9.2 instead of Download version 0.8. I was following the tutorial

For more details you can see the attached snap

enter image description here

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In the readme.txt file, add

Plugin Name: Name Of The Plugin
Plugin URI: http://URI_Of_Page_Describing_Plugin_and_Updates
Description: A brief description of the Plugin.
Version: The Plugin's Version Number, e.g.: 0.8
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thanks widya, actually I was making a silly mistake, I was not updating the version number, so now I corrected this . – Rohitashv Singhal Apr 2 '13 at 4:18
You are welcome.. – Vidya Anand Apr 2 '13 at 4:20

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