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I have a primefaces dialog on which I have a group of Radio Button and two text fields.I want to enable/disable these text fields on the change event of radio buttons.
Here is my code of dialog box

<h:panelGrid  style="float:left;">
                            <h:selectOneRadio id="timeLimit" layout="pageDirection" value="#{bean.selectedOption}" onchange="submit()"
                            <f:ajax event="change" execute="@this" render="from to"/>
                                <f:selectItem itemValue="1" itemLabel="Once Only"/>
                                <f:selectItem itemValue="2" itemLabel="From:"/>
                                <f:selectItem itemValue="3" itemLabel="Permanent"/>
                                <f:selectItem itemValue="4" itemLabel="Ignore"/>
                        <h:outputText id="c" value="#{renderBean.limitFields}"/>

                            <h:inputText id="from" disabled="#{renderBean.limitFields}"></h:inputText>

                            <h:outputText style="margin-left:-20px;float:left;margin-top: 20px;" value="To: "/>
                            <h:inputText id="to" style="float:left; margin-top: -20px;" disabled="#{renderBean.limitFields}"></h:inputText>

And Here is my RenderBean

public class RenderBean {
    public boolean limitFields;

    public RenderBean() {

        limitFields = true;

    public boolean isLimitFields() {
        return limitFields;

    public void setLimitFields(boolean limitFields) {
        this.limitFields = limitFields;

    public void enableLimitFields() {

        limitFields = false;

    public void disableLimitFields() {

        limitFields = true;

AND here is my Bean class in which I am invoking the listener.

class Bean{
public void durationSelected(ValueChangeEvent e){

        RenderBean rb = null;
        System.out.println("Value: "+e.getNewValue().toString());
            rb = (RenderBean) FacesContext.getCurrentInstance().getExternalContext().getSessionMap().get("renderBean");
             rb = (RenderBean) FacesContext.getCurrentInstance().getExternalContext().getSessionMap().get("renderBean");

Now my code is working perfect and it is invoking the methods without any problem but it doesn't enable/disable text fields when I change the selection of Radio button.It means values are changing but they are not read by JSF component on ajax call.Now I am stuck here.Any syggestions?

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Just remove the onchange="submit()" from your radio button.I am not JSF expert but I guess when you are sending ajax request then just execute the data from your <f:ajax .. and then no need to submit it.So when I copy paste your example , It was not working and then I tried it by removing onchange="submit" , It worked fine :)

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yes this was the problem thanksssssssss – Despicable Apr 2 '13 at 4:42
You Welcome ... – Shaharyar Khan Apr 2 '13 at 4:42

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