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I have links for various products. I am using php to add the product ID from the database as the id value for each link.

<a class="order_btn" id="<?php echo $row['product_id'];?>"><?php echo $row['product_name']; ?></a>

I am using the jquery cookie plugin(https://github.com/carhartl/jquery-cookie) to save the number of times the order button is clicked. I am using the product ID from the id attribute as the key for the saved cookie.

$(".order_btn").click(function() {
  var productToAdd = $(this).attr("id");

  if($.cookie("Product-"+productToAdd) >= 1) { //If this is not the first item for the current product
    //Updating the number for the current product 
    var newNum = Number($.cookie("Product-"+productToAdd)) + 1;
    $.cookie("Product-"+productToAdd, newNum);
  } else { //If this the first item for the current product
    //Creating the first number for the current product
    $.cookie("Product-"+productToAdd, 1);
}); //end click function for Order Button

On the Cart page, I need to list out the Product Name for each cookie that has saved values. Therefore, I need to be able to get the name of the key for the cookie so I can look up the products name in the database.

How can I get an array that has the keys for all current javascript cookies?

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You can list cookies for current domain:

function listCookies() {
    var theCookies = document.cookie.split(';');
    var aString = '';
    for (var i = 1 ; i <= theCookies.length; i++) {
        aString += i + ' ' + theCookies[i-1] + "\n";
    return aString;

But you cannot list cookies for other domains for security reasons

Answer posted by DixonD in How can I list all cookies for the current page with Javascript?

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Will that work for the cookies I have set using the jquery cookie plugin though? –  zeckdude Apr 2 '13 at 4:53
I am trying to save all the current cookie keys in an array. –  zeckdude Apr 2 '13 at 4:56
That lists cookies for current document, not domain. –  Álvaro G. Vicario Oct 7 '13 at 10:21

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