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So I'm writing a new app and a big part of the app is to play audio(.mp3) via a media player on the app. I'm quite new with tinkering with how Android handles media so please bare with me. The total amount size of the audio files is around 1.5 gigabytes, each file has an average of approx. 120mB. When the user clicks on an audio file to listen to how should it be given/played by the app? Should I have it stream from a server?, have them download the song on the spot and then play?, etc. etc. I would rather not include it within the application itself (and couldn't) due limits on apk file sizes. What is the 'best' approach to do this?

I appreciate any help given and apologize for scrappy English. If my question is not clear please let me know before you vote me down and I shall change it immediately.

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I will answer this since no one else has yet. I have decided to use Amazon Web Services S3 to stream my media.

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