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I'm writing a chrome extension that like intab loads links in an inline iframe, it works great except for sites that set the X-Frame-Options header to DENY or SAMEORIGIN.

In this Question a working solution provided for the case where the HTTP header contains X-Frame-Options property. But, X-Frame-Options can also be set in a element in the HTML .

Is there a way to remove this element before it's being loaded by chrome?

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<meta name="X-frame-options"/>

There is no such thing as <meta name="X-Frame-Options">.
And, manipulating the DOM before chrome loads it, is also not possible.
Chrome loads a page, and then creates the dom.

But what are x-frame-options then?

X-frame-options are server-side set http headers.
They are part of the security protection (e.g. against clickjacking). Chrome or any other browser will not let you ignore/change it. Period.
Side note:if it's your site, you can change x-frame-options per PHP.
Side note #2: the only way to do this is XSS. I'm pretty sure you don't want to do that.

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Is no one paying attention in here? If this answer is bad, just comment, don't ignore it. – user2208684 May 1 '13 at 16:14

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