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I've created an outlook add-in for outlook 2010, it's used for apply email templates quickly. In this add-in I'm using HTML as the templates. There're many images referenced to local resources. Codes like that:

mailItem.HTMLBody="... <image src=\"c:\\path\\to\\image.gif\" />...";

It works perfectly with outlook2010, but the images are not displayed when use this add-in with outlook 2013

Anyone with any ideas, it would be approciated.

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Never created an add-in before but normally if you are escaping quotations and are specifying a link you normally have to double them up as it will be escaping the P T & I

<img src=\"c:\\path\\to\\images.gif\" />

I could be wrong though.

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thank you for answering! but that's not the problem, it's typo, my bad –  zpisgod Apr 2 '13 at 6:44

Why not add the images as attachments, set the PR_ATTACH_CONTENT_ID property on the image attachments, then refer to them through cid (src="cid:xyz") in your HTML?

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