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I have implemented a frequency divider by the powers of 2. Now I am interested in doing a divider by any integer number from 1 to 16. Yes, I have tried but yet no ideas. How can I approach this problem?

I want to use common elements like multiplexers, flip flops and so on. Not asking for a complete solution, even though it would be great.

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no one? maybe someone could recommend some forums more specific to this question?! –  twist900 Apr 2 '13 at 17:41
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That is normally the job of a PLL many FPGA have some PLL on chip.

Or try a counter that resets when limit (0-15) is reached. Each time limit is reached toggle clock. The value for 1:1 clock needs special handling, maybe a clock bypass. A better way would be to run the counter at double frequency to avoid the mux.

Instead of an incrementing counter a decrementing counter that loads the configured value on zero would do as well.

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