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I am taking help of the https://github.com/thinkadoo/Projects application. I have built a similar app with the help of this one. My application is using d3 charts instead of the one this uses. My app initializes the routers as

  var patientStatus = new PatientStatus('#application', {'credentials':Credentials,'secret':Secret});

Now if i want to implement Router then what changes should be done? Here is my JSFiddle with both implementations. The first one is working. But the later part where in I am initializing the Router doesnt seem to work. http://jsfiddle.net/sweety1112/YMAjm/

Can some one help me.

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Here is an updated Fiddle that shows how routing works:

  var Router = can.Control({
    defaults: {}
  }, {
    init: function() {
      // this.element.html(can.view('#index', {}));

    ':type/:id route': function(data) {
        console.log('Type:', data.type);
        console.log('Id:', data.id);

  new Router('#content');

Basically, what you do is initialize your named placeholders and tell the controller that this should be handled by the route processor. Now if you go to a URL like #!test/23 the data of the handler will contain a type and id property.

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Hey Daff thanks a lot. It is working. I implemented your as per your suggestion but now my problem is only the first controller is invoked and the rest routes direct yto the same one. I have many routes like Projects, Status, Detail etc... After running the code mentioned in the fiddle every link shows the projects view. Here is the jsfiddle: jsfiddle.net/sweety1112/YMAjm/1 . Is there any mistake in my code? –  Sweety Apr 3 '13 at 6:40
My URL is as follows 1.MyProjectHub/index.html#!projects, 2./MyProjectHub/index.html#!status, 3./MyProjectHub/index.html#!detail –  Sweety Apr 3 '13 at 6:52
You don't need the :. That indicates a variable. If you want to match the actual rout, just write it like projects route which will exactly match #!projects. –  Daff Apr 3 '13 at 16:47
Thanks it is working. –  Sweety Apr 4 '13 at 5:56

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