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I have a Linear Layout (lets say vertical) with 3 vews inside it - A,B and C. Every one of them has a weight (weight-sum is 4).

A - layout_weight 1, A is a <space>
B - layout_weight 2, B has real content
C - layout_weight 1, C is a <space>

All is good, unless we have to switch to a really low resolution - like 320x240 or 320x480. Proportions remain the same, however if I have something important in B (some text for example, or edit fields), it gets clipped and is not shown.

So basically, I'd B's height to be max (wrap content, the layout_weight calculated height) Also, I'd like C to be min(layout_weight calculated height, height remaining after B was layouted).

I can do this in java code. Is there a layout mechanism in Android xml to achieve such an effect? (As far as I remember I've seen something similiar in html/css).

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probably you could try to use 'min_width' or 'min_height' attribute to set minimum size of your content layout but i'm not sure how it would looks like on small screens – Evos Apr 2 '13 at 7:43

Check the android developer's page about Providing Resources. I think the section Providing Alternative Resources is what you need to read. In few words - you can provide different resources for different screen sizes (other criteria can be applied too) by giving your layout folders different names, like layout-small.

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