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I've succesfull install and running Hadoop on Ubuntu system. I'm following tutorial on some article.

I'm confuse why every step suggest to disable ipv6 ?

Is there effect if i don't disable my ipv6 on my system ?

Anyone can answer it ?

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I think there is a bug with ipv6 for hadoop. It might bring problem down the line if you dont disable ipv6. –  Animesh Raj Jha Apr 2 '13 at 16:31

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As stated here: Apache Hadoop is not currently supported on IPv6 networks. It has only been tested and developed on IPv4 stacks. Hadoop needs IPv4 to work, and only IPv4 clients can talk to the cluster.If your organisation moves to IPv6 only, you will encounter problems.

Take a look at HADOOP-3437 and HADOOP-6056 to understand why it is necessary to disable IPv6 to get Hadoop working.

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