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I am having some trouble grasping why my app performance is at 24fps as opposed to the usual 30fps.

The frame time for both CPU and GPU varies between 6-18 ms, and the GPU utilization never surpasses 55%. Doesn't this mean that the frame rate should be higher?

When I use 'Analyze Performance', Xcode tells me: Your performance is not limited by the OpenGL ES commands issued. Use the Instruments tool to investigate where your application is bottlenecked.

I am a beginner at this, so can someone explain to me how the frame time can be so low, yet the frame rate so high? (The device is not the issue)

Edit 4/2/2013

New development: This frame rate drop only occurs when I run the app from Xcode (I know this because when the app performance is poor, the sound is not in sync and accelerometer sensitivity is lowered). When I stop running from Xcode and run the app directly from my iPod, the frame rate is perfect. Now I am wondering if there really are performance issues with my app. Is there any way that Xcode could be impeding on the app's performance by running tests or monitoring the device?

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You should set frame rate to your avCaptureConnection.And then it shoud be ok.

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