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I'm trying to use the addClass function within the angular.js link function and I think I found a bug.

The problem:

If I have an interpolation operator ({{}}) within the class attribute of the template, then addClass will fail silently and not add the new class.

For example -

Considering this link function:

angular.module('myApp', []).directive('afterRepeat', function() {
    return  {        
        link: function(scope,element, attrs){                                                
                if (scope.$index%2==0){

This template works and adds the class properly

<div class="item" ng-repeat="item in items" after-repeat>item {{$index}}</div>

This template doesn't

<div class="item{{$index}}" ng-repeat="item in items" after-repeat>item {{$index}}</div>

Here's a jsFiddle demonstrating the problem

I think this happens because the attribute value gets evaluated after the link function - but that doesn't make sense to me. Shouldn't the link function be the last step in the chain?

Does anyone have an idea on how to overcome this?

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Two alternatives:

a) Have a method on scope which will return the appropriate class names  

$scope.getClass = function(index){
  var klass = 'item' + index;
  if(index % 2 === 0){
    klass += ' special';
  return klass;

<div ng-class="getClass($index)" ng-repeat="item in items">item {{$index}}</div>

b) Make use of ng-class expression:

  ng-class="{special: $index%2==0}" 
  ng-repeat="item in items"
  item {{$index}}


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