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I have hbase 0.94.0. I'm trying to retrieve all regions' StartKey and EndKey.

I used the following code to get the region in hbase.

MetaScanner ms=new MetaScanner();
System.out.println("Region of .META. "+ms.listAllRegions(config));

It produced the following output.

Region of .META. [{NAME => 'Student9,,1364452609604.9955bddb298229d6b9fa749dfa7d6b40.', STARTKEY => '', ENDKEY => '0011000', ENCODED => 9955bddb298229d6b9fa749dfa7d6b40,}, {NAME => 'Student9,0011000,1364452609604.f1766f38ceabbe6400c266f99d1a9a29.', STARTKEY => '0011000', ENDKEY => '0011\x85\x85\x85', ENCODED => f1766f38ceabbe6400c266f99d1a9a29,},

Now i want to retrieve startkey and endkey for each region in .META. table.

How do i do it? Help with a sample code !

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Pair<byte[][],byte[][]> pair=table1.getStartEndKeys();
            byte[][] start=pair.getFirst();
            byte[][] end=pair.getSecond();
            for(int c=0;c<start.length;c++)
                    String st_end=new String(start[c]);
                    String en2=new String(end[c]);      
                    System.out.println("StartKey :"+st_end+" "+"End Key :"+en2);
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