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I want to use a query which uses LIKE .. for e.g select * from xxxx where zzzz LIKE 'a%'; How can I do that using Zend DB?

I have already tried something like $db->query('SELECT * FROM XXXX where zzzzz LIKE ?','\'' . $query .'%\''); but it is not working.


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You're double quoting. You don't need the escaped quotes around $query. Prepared statements will take care of that for you:

$db->query('SELECT * FROM XXXX where zzzzz LIKE ?', '%' . $query .'%');
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Thanks Mark .. sorry for the late reply –  user190982 Nov 8 '09 at 18:35
$user = new Application_Model_DbTable_User();
$query = $user->select()->where('firstname LIKE ?', $uname.'%')->ORwhere('lastname LIKE ?', $_POST['lname'].'%')->ORwhere('emailid LIKE ?', $_POST['email'].'%');
    $userlist = $user->fetchAll($query); 
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