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I may just be missing something obvious here, so I apologize if this is a really dumb question. I have a WrapPanel in a view that I need to bind to an ObservableCollection on the ViewModel. This ObservableCollection contains a different type of ViewModel that needs to be bound to another type of view when displayed in the WrapPanel. The goal is to create a wrappable list of items, each of which displays via an instance of a smaller view which should be added to the WrapPanel.

I am using MVVM, and the ViewModel does not have direct access to the View. I would rather not create a binding between the ViewModel and the View if at all possible, so manually adding items to the WrapPanel.Children collection is not a viable option. I am at a loss as to how I can bind a collection of child ViewModel objects to the WrapPanel in such a way that it will create instances of another view and add them to itself. Am I simply approaching the problem incorrectly? I figure there is probably a DataTemplate involved, but it doesn't appear that a WrapPanel has a DataTemplate, nor is it bindable.

Thanks for any insight.

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It sounds to me like your have a situation where you have different viewmodels all in the same Collection. Each of those viewmodels have its own associated view. When you display these VMs in a container, you want each view to be wrapped one additional level? (Like a commond border around each seperate element?) – Pieter Breed Oct 16 '09 at 7:05
The collection contains all the same type, in this case, ServiceMonitorViewModel. I just need to display them in a wrappable container in their parent View. – jrista Oct 16 '09 at 8:31
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What you need is a ListView that uses a WrapPanel to host all of the items.

<ListView ItemsSource={...}>
       <WrapPanel IsItemsHost="True" />
        <!-- Fill in how you want each item to look here -->
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Thanks for the insight Andrew. I've done this, and have encountered another problem. I'm hoping you can help with this one too, otherwise I'll start another question. I threw <v:ServiceMonitorView />, my UserControl, in the DataTemplate. I'm getting the following error: Could not create an instance of type 'ServiceMonitorView'. The user control has zero code outside of the default, generated there should not be any constructor code throwing an exception. – jrista Oct 16 '09 at 1:26
@jrista: I would say that that's a separate problem which belongs in an independent question. (I don't know the answer, but I'm interested in what it would be) – Andrew Shepherd Oct 16 '09 at 1:52

Use an ItemsControl, and set its ItemsPanel to a WrapPanel:

<ItemsControl ItemsSource="{Binding Something}" ItemTemplate="{StaticResource YourDataTemplate}">
      <WrapPanel />
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This is awesome..Works great in silverlight... – Anirudha Oct 1 '13 at 14:54

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