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Using Jersey 2 m13-3 in Tomcat 7, I'm trying to post XML and have JAXB automatically unmarshal it.

My method signature is something like:

@Produces( {"text/xml"})
public Response setFoo(
        myXJC.generatedclass.Foo foo

I get a 400 bad request, but no exception (that I can find).

Testing with:

@Produces( {"text/xml"})
public Response setFoo() { ... }

I'm confident this method is being invoked in response to a request.

But as soon as I add arg myXJC.generatedclass.Foo, it isn't.

Do I need something special in my class which extends to use JAXB? Something ResourceConfig related perhaps? Any extra jersey specific jars?

I see there is a jersey-media-moxy. I'd be happy to get it working with MOXy, but ideally it would also work with Sun/Oracle JAXB.

I've had a look at the source code of:


but I'm still having trouble.

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Turns out that when I generated the classes from my XSD using XJC, I'd left an incorrect target namespace in there.

The XML I was posting was not namespace qualified, but the generated classes were expecting a namespace.

Once I fixed this, things worked fine.

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