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I want to take unique values using DISTINCT keyword. I have two more tables.

Table Names:

  • (T1)Cand_details


  • (T2)requirement_details


I want to select these two table values by using keyword distinct. Is this possible?

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Yes, It is possible. –  Amit Apr 2 '13 at 10:41

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Something like this?

SELECT DISTINCT Locationofwork, Locationofposting FROM Cand_details, Locationofposting

You should relate both tables with common fields if they have.

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select LocationOfWork
  from cand_details
select Locationofposting
  from requirement_details;

A UNION operator serves to combine data from multiple SELECT statements.

In this case, without the ALL keyword (UNION ALL), the UNION operator includes a DISTINCT function which will give you the unique locations across both tables.

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thanks for response. –  PoliDev Apr 2 '13 at 11:46
Select Locationofwork as "LOC" 
From Cand_details 
UNION Select Locationofposting as "LOC" 
FROM requirement_details
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Yes this is easily possible. You can encapsulate as many feilds as you like in the distinct ( ) clause.

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