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I develop an asp.net mvc solution with breeze/durandal.

I would like to execute the following code:

var entityKey = new EntityKey(entityNames.transport, transportId);
var query = EntityQuery.fromEntityKey(entityKey).expand("Sender.Country");

And I got the following error:

EntityKey is not defined

I don't know why.

I can execute code below:

var query = EntityQuery.from('Transports')
                       .where('id', 'eq', transportId)

return manager.executeQuery(query)

So breeze seems correctly installed.

Any idea?


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It should be breeze.EntityKey, but to make it easier to use we often assign it to a shorter name before using it. i.e.

var EntityKey = breeze.EntityKey;

You've obviously done something similar for EntityQuery.

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