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Surfing net did not help to figure out if xamarin supports charts.

Could someone kindly help on this?

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I'm interested too. Cross platform could be very great :-) On I saw pixtate but I just bant 3 or 4 bar im my app's (Android, IOS and WPhone) or barchart but not for wphone :-/ – clement Apr 3 '13 at 7:36
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The Xamarin MonoTouch framework doesn't include charts, but check out my port of the OxyPlot library:

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What do you mean it doesn't support charts? Charts are "just" a visual element which don't need much support. However Xamarin.iOS / MonoTouch do not have built in Chart controls. – Cheesebaron Apr 2 '13 at 11:43

If you want to buy something professional, you can check out these controls: or Basically just google it "Monotouch charts/graphs".

You should also check out The controls that I mentioned above, I think, are in the component store and there are also other ones that may be free. Also, if you go the component store route, adding them to your project should be a breeze since Xamarin Studio (and Visual Studio) supports/does this for you.

or try

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Oxyplot charting supports Xamarin under MIT licencing. Just tested it. It's impressive, although the interaction with the chart view doesn't seem to be there right now.

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