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I need to select all the columns from a table "ticket" except one column "depname" The following prepared statement does not work as expected.

PREPARE stmt1 FROM 'SELECT ? from magon.ticket limit 2';

select GROUP_CONCAT(COLUMN_NAME) into @clm from COLUMNS  where TABLE_SCHEMA = 'magon' and TABLE_NAME = 'ticket' and COLUMN_NAME NOT IN ('depname')  GROUP BY TABLE_SCHEMA, TABLE_NAME;

execute stmt1 using @clm;

It returns the column list twice (due to limit 2) but not the actual data.

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Unfortunately you can't parameterized column name as well as table name because they are identifiers. But you can concatenate the values in the string,

                FROM    COLUMNS  
                WHERE   TABLE_SCHEMA = 'magon' AND 
                        TABLE_NAME = 'ticket' AND 
                        COLUMN_NAME NOT IN ('depname')  
PREPARE stmt1 FROM CONCAT('SELECT ', @colName ,' FROM magon.ticket LIMIT 2');
EXECUTE stmt1;
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