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Do you remember in old cellphones you could make a speech shortcut to call a person.

I am trying to make an app in android with that function. The user records a word or sound it wants to control the application with and the voice-recognizer will only check if the sound it hears equals the sound previously recorded.

Does anyone know how to make this or know of a guide? I've been searching for months without finding a satisfying solution.


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You need to convert both reference sounds and recorded sound to features. For that you need to split sound on frames and extract FFT or directly mel-cepstrum. You can use any MFCC library out there for that.

After you get features, you can compare them with DTW algorithm. You can find some details here


The DTW will return you the threshold which you can use to select the right person to call to.

Similar quesitons is

Simplest algorithm of measuring how similar of two short audio

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