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id     title                              start                    end
1   Doing Coding for this project.  2013-04-02 02:00:00     2013-04-02 04:00:00
2   Doing Coding for this project.  2013-04-02 04:00:00     2013-04-02 06:00:00
3   Doing Coding for this project.  2013-04-02 06:00:00     2013-04-02 06:30:00

I have above MySQL database table record. Now i want to get the total number of hours.

I am developing TimeSheet Management Application and we need to display total working hours with minutes and second of employee. (i.e 04:30:00 according to data i share)

what i have tried?

SELECT HOUR(TIMEDIFF(end,start)) AS 'totalHour' but works only for each row not on all records.

I have also tried TIMESTAMPDIFF.

Is this possible?


From the answer i have received from people i have tried every single of them but everytime i just get 4 or 4.5000 but it should return 06:30:00.

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did you tried SUM(..)? – user1646111 Apr 2 '13 at 11:58
@Akam thanx for reply but i don't think it will give me SUBTRACTED return. – Dipesh Parmar Apr 2 '13 at 11:59
you can try it and see the real result – user1646111 Apr 2 '13 at 12:01
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Try this query

 TIME_FORMAT(SEC_TO_TIME(sum(TIME_TO_SEC(TIMEDIFF( end, start)))), "%h:%i") AS diff

According to the data that you have given answer should be 4:30. Pl cross check in you records.


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The range of HOUR() function is 0 to 23 so it's not correct to use it for total hours in diff.

For single value you could use TIMESTAMPDIFF() like:

SELECT TIMESTAMPDIFF(HOUR, start, end) AS `totalHour` FROM ...

If you want to calculate it for whole project, you have to sum up all time differences and them print it formatted probably with funciton like TIME_FORMAT() which prints hour larger than 24:

If the time value contains an hour part that is greater than 23, the %H and %k hour format specifiers produce a value larger than the usual range of 0..23. The other hour format specifiers produce the hour value modulo 12.

So you can use:

            AS `totalHour`
 FROM ...
 GROUP BY sort_of_project_id

If you need seconds/minutes too (as suggested in comment), use either:

  • time_to_sec( <left side of select>)/3600 which will return value like 4.84 hours
  • TIME_FORMAT( ..., "%H:%m:%s") which will display 4:38:24
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thanx for reply nearly there but i don't getting minutes and seconds.. – Dipesh Parmar Apr 2 '13 at 12:15
i am getting o4 everytime...but it should return 06:30:00 – Dipesh Parmar Apr 2 '13 at 12:17
i have tried your suggested query...i have user_id for group so i just replace sort_of_project_id to user_id and added table name. – Dipesh Parmar Apr 2 '13 at 12:20
04 i mean...sorry – Dipesh Parmar Apr 2 '13 at 12:24
tried and get 00:00:05 my table fields is DATETIME. – Dipesh Parmar Apr 2 '13 at 12:29

Try like this, it will give you the total no of hours:

For Example:

SELECT sum(time_to_sec(timediff(end, start ))/ 3600) AS 'totalHour' from test;

If you run this query for above table you given, it shows the output 4.5 hours.

Hope it will help you.

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yes its returning 4.5000 but it should be 06:30:00 as pre record shown in my question. – Dipesh Parmar Apr 2 '13 at 12:19
@DipeshParmar as i can see you want the total of each day difference in time so, so for your data it should be 4.5 not 6.5. – Toretto Apr 2 '13 at 12:21

Change your

SELECT HOUR(TIMEDIFF(end,start)) AS 'totalHour'    


SELECT sum(TIMESTAMPDIFF(HOUR, end, start)) AS 'totalHour'
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