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i am getting bellow error

[Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver]Connection is busy with results for another hstmt

my code

private static final String DRIVER = "com.microsoft.jdbc.sqlserver.SQLServerDriver";
private static final String URL = "jdbc:odbc:sql2008";
private String[] entity = {"TABLE","VIEW"};
private ResultSet tables,columns,resultSet;

public void getData() throws SQLException, ClassNotFoundException{
    Connection  connection=DriverManager.getConnection(URL,USERNAME,PASSWORD);
    DatabaseMetaData data = connection.getMetaData();
     resultSet =  data.getCatalogs();

     while (resultSet.next()) {
         String dbName = resultSet.getString("TABLE_CAT");
            tables=data.getTables(dbName, "%", "%", entity);
            while (tables.next()) {

URL is DSN connection(connction using dsn name ) and I am getting this error while trying to fetch tables which is again ResultSet but its work fine in DSN-less connection that is directly (using address)

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You're iterating over two resultsets at the same time:

  1. while (resultSet.next()) {
  2. while (tables.next()) {

According to the error message, this is not allowed.

You could fix it by putting the result of the first iteration in a List<String> databaseNames and then iterating over that list to list the tables.

Alternatively, if you're using SQL Server 2005, you might want to try enabling a feature in SQL Server called "Multiple Active Result Sets".

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but the above code works fine when my connection is DSN-less –  Pravin Apr 2 '13 at 12:39

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