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I have a function which currently adds up the discounts received. I want to change the sum of the inputs to the average of each input.

function calculateAverageDiscount() {
    var avediscount = 0;
    $("table.authors-list").find('input[name^="discount"]').each(function () {
        avediscount += +$(this).val();

Any assistance appreciated.

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Get your list of elements first:

var $disc = $("table.authors-list").find('input[name^="discount"]');

and then take its length:

var n = $disc.length;

and then take the sum, as you are, but using the previously obtained list so you don't repeat yourself.

$disc.each(function() {

the rest should be obvious... ;-)

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Thanks Alnitak, –  Smudger Apr 2 '13 at 12:32

you need to get the number of elements and then divide the total sum by that number.

var avediscount = 0;
var length = $("table.authors-list").find('input[name^="discount"]').each(function () {
    avediscount += +$(this).val();
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Thanks vdua, works 100%! –  Smudger Apr 2 '13 at 12:43

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