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Good Day,

I need your help to develop a plugin for squid. The idea is as follows.

  1. User accesses the url eg. www.google.com

  2. redirected to another url eg. www.server_interno.com (with some information on how to properly use the internet)

  3. User will have to retype the url from step 1. After that, everything will work perfectly.

    My ideas would be programming. 1 - perl; 2-shell-script; 3-php; 4-c + +, (I do not like!)

    I found on some sites, drafts project.

    1 - Sending Messages to Squid Proxy Users

    2 - http://taz.net.au/block/

    3 - http://www.ex-parrot.com/~pete/upside-down-ternet.html

    Perhaps, develop perl script, based on the url 1 with a timeout is 6 hours. Or to integrate with a database, it inserts the first access some information on DB and then redirects .... I have no ideas.

    Thanks for the help.

Update 2/04/2013 12:49 AM

I made a sketch of the logic of the code.

#! / usr / bin / perl-wl

$ | = 1; # do not buffer the output

# Query for sql
use DBI;
  $ dbh = DBI-> connect ('dbi: mysql: perltest', 'root', 'password')
  or die "Connection Error: $ DBI :: errstr \ n";
  $ sql = "select * from users where name = '$ ident' and first_login = '1 '";
  $ sth = $ dbh-> prepare ($ sql);
  $ sth-> execute
  or die "SQL Error: $ DBI :: errstr \ n";
  while (@ row = $ sth-> fetchrow_array) {

($ uri, $ client, $ ident, $ method) = ();

($ uri, $ client, $ ident, $ method) = split;

$ uri = "http://server_local.com $ 1";



print "$ uri";

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Do you want all the rest of the stuff to go through squid after the first contact? or do you just want to redirect them to the AUP/etc. then let them browse the net? –  Doon Apr 2 '13 at 12:29
A hint: just like we have login page for open wifi hotspots, you can have information page for your proxy... –  anishsane Apr 2 '13 at 12:41
That would be only the first access to this information page, then the browser navigates normally. –  Marcos Carraro Apr 2 '13 at 15:28
so first hit, trasparently redirect to the page, and then let them access the internet normally, with no proxying? Just look for captive portal, or hotspot controller, or something like nocat auth. This can easily be done with Firewall rules on the Gateway. Have 2 classes of addresses, basically block all outbound, and redirect outbound port 80 to local web server, and once they hit local webserver, unblock their IP in the firewall for X hours and allow them to surf –  Doon Apr 2 '13 at 15:46
@DomI understand your logic. redirect to a web page which takes the user's IP and release it the same for a certain time. –  Marcos Carraro Apr 2 '13 at 16:18

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